White House Correspondents’ Dinner Revisited: Awash in Ports 1961

DC jewelry designer Sissy Yates aglow in Ports 1961


Happy One Year of You Look Pretty!  Think of all the letters we’ve exchanged — from my love of blazers to your love of bright colors!  And still SO much more to write about. I mentioned in a note to you a few weeks ago that I would get back in touch about the high fashion worn at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner 2012.  We (meaning all of us at Julia Farr) had the great chance to dress a few of Washington’s most spectacular women for the weekend events, including CNN’s Dana Bash, Fashion Editor of Washingtonian, Kate Bennett, Style Editor of the Washington Post, Katherine Boyle, and brilliant jewelry designer, Sissy Yates. All of them graced the festivities of the weekend wearing stunning designs from Ports 1961, coming this Fall 2012 to Julia Farr.

I visited the Ports 1961 showroom this past February to view their Fall ’12 Collection.  After being swept away with their beautifully fitted sheath dresses, cashmere pencil skirts with fur edging and a host of gorgeous knits and silks, I wholeheartedly committed myself, my boutique and all the women of Washington to welcoming Ports with open arms this Fall.  Their Director of Retail Support, Eddie Parsons, who knows the DC fashion scene inside-and-out after several spending years at the Chevy Chase Neiman Marcus, suggested that he bring some gowns to Julia Farr to kick off our association and introduce the designs in a very big way.  Our clients loved the gowns. Eddie loved our clients. Just look at how elegant these women looked that weekend!

CNN reporter and anchor Dana Bash (right) wearing Ports 1961

Katherine Boyle, Style, Washington Post, wearing  hot pink gown from Ports 1961

Kate Bennett (right), Fashion Editor, Washingtonian, in Ports 1961 silver metallic sheath

About Ports 1961

Ports 1961 is new to Julia Farr in DC, but not to fashion. Originally a Canadian fashion house, Ports arrived in New York in 2004 under the creative directorship of sisters Tia and Fiona Cibani. Tia departed after 5 years and now leaves the job to her sister Fiona. They describe themselves as women without boarders, drawing their design inspiration from passionate globetrotting.  Ports made a public splash in the  2006 in the movie THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA and again in 2008 in SEX IN THE CITY.

For over 50 years the company has created elegant, clean designs with an international influence. Independent global minded women in the 1960’s called for freedom and as dynamic social changes swept the world, the face of fashion was forever revoluntionized. In 1961, Luke Tanabe created a business that embraced the jet set era and celebrated global travel. He introduced the No. 10 Blouse upon which the Ports empire was built. “I make clothes for a woman who is intelligent, a woman who doesn’t want to wear things that will distract from her.”

I’m with Mr. Tanabe, Ann!  And we can’t wait to introduce the Fall Collection of Ports 1961 in a few months. I’ll let you know when the collection hits the boutique.

— Julie


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