Wrap it up for Summer!

Caroline Triple Wrap Bracelets from Nancy Zlystra


Great playlist, I think.  Can’t wait to download! I’m still listening to Bruce Hornsby, Jack Johnson and other men who play guitars and sing ballads to me.  As you know, I appreciate the exposure to anything current. So to follow up on your intro- to-summer-theme (it’s now a theme), in an Oprah-esque kind of way, I wanted to tell you about some summer items that I think are just great.  Today, I can’t contain my enthusiasm about the VERY COOL Caroline triple wrap bracelet from fabulous accessories designer, Nancy Zlystra, the creator of the super-hip swanky belts we carry at Julia Farr.

The bracelet wraps around your wrist, you’ve got it, three times! Studded leather strips in great bright colors and just the right neutrals — you can stack them, twist them together, or wear just one at a time.  At $65 , it is the perfect gift for graduation, birthday or Arbor Day (it’s coming up).  And there’s nothing holding you back from throwing one in for yourself.  Everyone at Julia Farr has one. Mine is beige…which colors should I put aside for you?


Photo courtesy of Nancy Zlystra.

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