The Royal Palate: Queen Elizabeth Celebrates 60 years of Style!


What a year for Great Britain! The Royal Wedding last April ‘ll, the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee this week, and the Summer Olympics in August!

As  Queen Elizabeth celebrates her Diamond Jubilee, I have been reflecting on her iconic style. She has completely branded herself with her signature look.  I know that you love color, Ann,  and, as you know, I tend towards a more subdued tone-on-tone column of color style. Well, if you can believe it, Queen Elizabeth is our perfect combination.

Monochromatic from head-to-toe she is, but with lots of color – and I know why. Queen Elizabeth realized that she needed to be easily identifiable . She is often in large crowds and — at a diminutive 5’3” —  she needs to be seen to her subjects. Also, she is often standing so that column of color is essential.  (One cannot always be appearing on a balcony.) I have noticed that the Duchess of Cornwall (a.k.a. Camilla) and the Duchess of Cambridge (a.k.a. Katherine) seem to be following her royal lead.

Although one could conclude that the Queen does not care about fashion, reports tell that she is, in fact, terribly concerned with her daily ensemble.  Indeed, the Queen does not wake up each morning, peek out her window at Buckingham Place and wonder what to wear. She plans her wardrobe months in advance.  You may also be interested to know, Ann, that the Queen NEVER has had a wardrobe malfunction. Her hems are weighted down and the arm holes of her coats are cut specifically to facilitate waving to the crowds or ribbon cutting.

One thing that still mystifies me – what do you think she keeps in her purse?


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