The Short of it All


This weekend in DC temps were in the 90s.  Our spring-like weather of last week was gone in a hot and humid flash.  So as summer comes rushing in, it’s time to bring out the shorts.  I know they’re not for everyone, but for the woman who doesn’t mind bearing her legs, shorts with just the right top are a great look.

New York Times fashion critic Cathy Hoyrn recently wrote, “[t]he brightest summer fashion is a pair of softly tailored shorts. They slightly hint of lingerie, or a chorus line. They look great with a camisole or a neat blazer.” (You can read her blog here)

And in terms of how to wear the look, words of advice from Stylelist fashion editor Christina Anderson:  “If you’re going to try this trend it’s important to keep a few things in mind: the length of shorts (especially if you want to wear them to work), the proportion of the jacket to the shorts, the color palette, and of course, what to wear under the jacket.”

I think a shorts suit can be a great look, but in DC, it’s not a trend that will take hold anytime soon.  For weekends, I like a linen button-down shirt with cuffed shorts and sandals. For Monday-Friday, I love a fitted blazer back to the longer shorts with espadrilles or pumps.

Like so many other things, it’s about striking the right balance and having the confidence to leave the house.



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