America’s Worst Dressed Cities


Travel + Leisure recently published an article about America’s Worst Dressed Cities, based upon a survey of those who have visited the cities.  I cringed as I scrolled through the list, knowing that my darling city (often cited as a city with high obesity and smoking rates) would be in the top ten.

Travel + Leisure’s Top Ten Worst Dressed Cities:

1. Anchorage, Alaska

2. Salt Lake City, UT

3.  Baltimore, MD

4. Orlando, FL

5.  San Antonio, TX

6.  Dallas/Fort Worth, TX

7. Atlanta, GA

8. Portland, ME

9. Phoenix/Scottsdale, AZ


10. Kansas City, MO

Even though we are considered one of the friendliest cities, I guess we don’t know how to dress.  I might feel worse about this ranking, but I was surprised that we beat out Dallas and Atlanta.

Your beautiful city, Washington DC, ranked #1 for it’s museums and #2 for it’s monuments, was listed as the 14th least stylish city.

I know it’s only an opinon-based survey, but it makes me think that visitors to our fair cities must not be getting the full view of our residents, because, I have to say, and I know I’m biased, most of the people I see every day around here looked quite fashionable.

Take a look at the complete article.  It was a good read, plus there were lots of interesting links to what visitors consider the best things about cities around the country (KC = #1 BBQ!).



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One response to “America’s Worst Dressed Cities

  1. Ann-

    Who made this list? I just came from Seattle, and whomever made up the list must never have been there-it would easily rank in the top 3! I actually think that D.C.should be in the top 3–but that might only be because I hang out with the Julia Farr Shop crowd there–so naturally they all ALWAYs the best dressed people around!

    Thanks for the great blog, it always brightens my day to see You Look Pretty in my inbox! — MJ MacPherson

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