Comme C’est Raj!


Sometimes I see a style that makes me scratch my head and think, hmm, what is the designer trying to do here?  And, would I ever wear this outfit to a party or a business meeting?

Chanel’s recent ads for it’s fall couture line have done just that for me.

Designer Karl Lagerfeld said that he was inspired by what Indian maharajas wear (although he has never visited India).

Although I adore the smashing together of cultures in every art form, including fashion, the contrast of Chanel’s very European, traditional tweed suits with the opulence of the maharajahs of Rajastan, India seemed a bit too contrived.  He must be onto something though, because the ads definitely caught my eye.

I love all things Indian, so I hope Lagerfeld’s collection will shine more light on the distinctive and colorful Indian styles around the world.

I still am not quite sure why the models all have dreadlocks.


Both Images: Chanel

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