Classic Summer Essentials


I loved your red, white and blue suggestions for 4th of July attire – especially the emphasis on the white and blue – cool colors to beat the heat during this awful,nationwide heat wave.

Although I think patriotic attire is always fashionable, below are a few key pieces that are eternal parts of my summer wardrobe.  They are versatile and essential enough to take me from poolside (or beachside) to dinner, every day of the week.


Nothing screams summer like a simple sundress.  This is my go-to, wear-all-the-time, super-essential summer piece. The stripes of this dress, from J. Crew ($69.50), remind me of the classic, Breton stripe tops and makes me think of the beach.


They might be bad for my feet, but I love a good pair of flip-flops in the summer.  The woven, metallic leather on this pair, from Bernardo (classic fave! $119) gives them a bit more heft, so they aren’t too, too casual.



Nothing looks cooler than an oversized pair of sunglasses, like this classic style from Tory Burch ($165):


In my younger days, I would have forgone a hat.  These days, I’ll do anything to keep the sun off my face – so, the wider the brim, the better.  This straw hat from Target (the yellow color-blocking makes me so happy! $14.99) does the trick:

Couldn’t you envision either one of our mother’s wearing this exact outfit 30 years ago?

What are your summer essentials? Am I missing anything?


Images, top to bottom: J.Crew, Bernardo, Tory Burch, Target


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