What to Wear to a Rock Festival


I just bought tickets to an outdoor summer concert festival, Buzz Under the Stars.  I don’t typically attend multi-band shows, as I’m too damn old and don’t have the patience for being crammed in with thousands of sweaty fans. But, this concert features two of my current favorite bands, Electric Guest and Alabama Shakes, so I’ve decided to make the effort.

The most important issue is, of course, what to wear.

It’s outdoors, in August, so it’s going to be hot.  The less clothes, the better.  But, of course, still appropriate for a mid-40s mother of two.

The Zuri dress ($54.99), from California-based Santiki, is made of a super-soft, easy–to-wear and care-for 100% Rayon – so it’ll be easy to wash off the post-concert funk.  The Indonesian batik print is very rock and roll.  It’s a lightweight sundress, but it’s great secret is that it has removable soft cups in the bodice, so there really is no need to wear a bra (very Woodstock-ish, right?).

Shoe are important.  The Mallory flip-flop, from Reef ($30), features anatomical arch support, to keep you moving and grooving all night long.  Plus, the durable nylon straps adapt to conditions like gravel, dirt (or mud!), and the inevitable spilled beer.

And, they’re pretty.

Julie, the single most important thing you must have when attending any of these rock festivals is VIP Passes.  We are too old for the mosh pit.

I’m thinking you and I need to meet at Bonnaroo, in Tennessee, next June.  I’ll bring the tent.


Images: Santiki, Reef


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