Maximum Minimalism


But seriously, it’s still summer.  It’s hot, the days are long — in a good way…who wants to spend a lot of time getting dressed?  The graphic prints can wait a few weeks! Here’s my answer to effortless, chic summer dressing: the maxi dress in neutral tones.  I know you’re shocked at my color choice.  At Julia Farr, we just can’t help ourselves when at market — there’s not a maxi dress or skirt out there that we can pass up.  Here’s what we have now in the boutique — many of which I will pack for the beach for vacation.

Susana Monaco Blouson Dress in Navy $198

Fatigue Maxi Dress from Halston Heritage $265

Mocha Strapless Maxi Dress from Halston Heritage $265

Farrah Twist Dress from Susana Monaco, also in slate grey, $200

Grey Maxi from TART $125

Navy Maxi Skirt from TART $130, shown with the very V tank from Susana Monaco $80

The Convertible Dress/Skirt from Alice + Olivia in black $198

And if the completely neutral tones are exciting enough for you, they are all 30% off right now at Julia Farr!  Call or write before I pack them all in my bag. or 202-364-3277.

Have a great weekend!


Images courtesy of Julia Farr and her blue wall.


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