London Grey


I loved all the bright fun dresses you shared with me last week.  They were a welcome contrast to the dull grey Nike jackets I saw Team USA wear on the medals stand.

Nike, in conjunction with the US Olympic committee, created what they are calling an “innovative look with thoughtful details that speak to American pride.” Um, this looks more like prison garb rather than a celebration of our stars and stripes.

Although Nike claims that the jacket is made of a hyper-reflective shell that will shine bright under the lights of the medal stand, I thought that the athletes look resembled a typical dreary London sky.

Even the gorgeous Ryan Lochte, and the adorable U.S. women’s gymnastics team, can’t brighten the look (but I am happy I had another excuse to post a photo of Lochte!)

I like that they included subtle details, like the 50 perforations across the lower back – one for each state and the badge on the inside of the jacket, visible only to the athletes, placed over the heart,  that reads “Team USA.”

Julie, I know how much you love the monochromatic look, but there is a time and place for everything, and the Olympics are the time to wear your red, white and blue loudly and proudly!


Images: Ryan Lochte: Sports Illustrated, U.S. Women’s Gymnastics Team: The Daily World


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One response to “London Grey

  1. Mary Pat

    Ann, I wholeheartedly agree! Those warm-ups scream “The United States of Drab”. The Olympics seems like poor timing for experimenting with patriotic apparel. Hope Nike has new designers for 2016 or brace yourselves for brown + tan!

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