The More Things Change…

…the more they stay the same Julie,

August, 1980

August, 2012

I know that your two darling daughters attend your former high school. Our daughter just started at my alma mater, an all-girls Catholic school, where she wears the same uniform that I did 32 years ago.  A few things have changed: she wondered why my skirt was so long and why I wore the waistband up in my arm pits. Oh, and there was a lot of teasing about the knee-high black socks.  I do remember I had an awesome pair of Bass loafers with tassles.  She gets to wear her Nike’s.

Also, our uniform code was much stricter (no athletic socks, hence the black ones) and we had to wear a nasty, polyester standard white blouse, a holdout from the ’70s (notice that lovely, wide collar).  By our senior year, we were able to wear nice polos, like she wears today.

Fortunately, the plaid is still the same.



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  1. Mary Beth

    Love it! I see COnnor in that face of yours! Amazing. BTW we could only wear saddle oxfords or loafers. Guess which ones my mother picked for me? Congrats mom on getting Sophie to STA !!

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