Why I Love LL Bean


Maybe it’s the nostalgia of back-to-school, but I recently revisited that old stalwart LL Bean, and found they still have their tried and true favorites, as well as a few updated takes of traditional styles.

Remember these?

LL Bean Camp Moc $79

We both had a pair in college.  They were so comfy, really more like Indian moccasins than shoes.  I still think they are a better alternative to the ubiquitous Sperry topsiders that populate most teenagers feet today.

How can you resist the durability and adorability of the custom tote and boat bag?

LL Bean Boat and Tote Bag $20.95 – $38.95

My mother-in-law customized a version for our daughter, in pink and green with her initials. She will have it forever, and it will always be cute.

I love Bean’s updated version of the classic fisherman’s sweater, made in a much more accessible cotton and in a slim , feminine fit.

LL Bean Cotton Fisherman’s Sweater $99

For some reason, as I’ve aged, I can’t tolerate wearing wool.  It’s too scratchy.  Plus, since I’m not spending any time out on fishing boats, I really don’t need that heavy, boiled wool to protect me from the elements.  Anyway, that’s what Polartec is for.

Now, if they could only make their famous Norwegian sweater in cotton. Could we start a letter/email campaign?


All Images: LL Bean


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