Run, Ann, Run!


As you know, I am a reluctant runner.  Reluctant because I have old lady hips and knees, but somebody around here has to exercise Bode…

…so, I run.

Proper running shoes are essential to prevent my complete physical breakdown. Brooks makes the shoe that fits my high arch and keeps me in (relative) alignment when I hit the pavement. I went online to replace my current pair recently, and was frustrated to find that the only colors they offered were glaring neon. I put off buying another pair as long as I could, but then I ended up with this fancy color combo:

Not quite the all-white shoes of our youth, huh?

I felt kind of silly running through the neighborhood in these shoes, until I noticed that most of the runners on the road today wear unnaturally brightly colored shoes.

Like, really bright.

Are they supposed to serve as reflectors, so cars don’t hit you?

But, ASICS makes a pair that trumps all the others:

Although, I’m not sure if they are running shoes, or clown shoes.


Images: top is from Brooks, middle three are from Nike and bottom is from Asics/Foot Locker.


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