The Healy Skirt

Over the course of the next few days, we will preview one piece from the Julia Farr Collection, as modeled by us (not super models, but real women!) in some of our favorite places in Washington.

The Healy Skirt

Our inaugural design in the Julia Farr Collection is named in honor of the historic and majestic Healy Hall, the flagship building at Georgetown University.  Our lifelong friendship began at the university, and we honor that beginning by naming our timeless pencil skirt after this iconic symbol of Georgetown.

The Healy skirt is the counterpart to the Copley skirt, each one meticulously tailored for different body types.  A classic pencil skirt, the Healy sits about one inch below the natural waist and runs straight from hip to knee, allowing for ease in movement.  The Healy Skirt was designed expressly to fit the shorter-waisted woman, one whose waist and hips are closer in measurement. Everlasting in design, the Healy skirt is an essential foundation piece for every woman’s wardrobe.

Julia wears the Healy skirt in Camel Wool, with the Potomac Top in Black Rayon

Ann wears the Jefferson Jacket in Camel Tweed

Photo: courtesy of  Tony Powell


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