LA Textile Market

Ann and Julie at LA Textile Market this week


Great few days in LA, don’t you think?  What didn’t we accomplish during the two days that we canvassed the many, many textile producers – sourcing the best silks, wools, cottons and really interesting man-made fabrics for our Spring ’13 and Fall ’13 collections? Although I had been to showrooms in NY looking for certain, specific fabric for designs that were already in development, it was a brave new world for me to start with you from scratch: finding materials and imagining what they could be in our collection. It was creativity at its height in less than 48 hours.

We spent the two days looking:

Ann perusing the swatches at Elliott Berman Showroom

And then finding just the right materials in vibrant colors and patterns:

A non-beige print chosen by moi! Such a surprise to Ann!

A gorgeous coral for a stunning party dress!

Graphic polka dots in a feminine fabric for some fun design TBD

and to bring it all together:

Buttons in all shapes, colors and sizes!

But the most surprising moment in the short trip to LA was not seeing magnificent Carl Reiner receive an honorary degree from alma mater, Georgetown University, from the perspective of his son Rob Reiner’s head…

How cool is that? Rob Reiner’s head right in front as we witness a great moment!

But the fact that our hotel, The Standard Downtown, placed the shower in the middle of the room without the benefit of a curtain:

This photo from your persecutive, Ann.  What were they thinking??

All in all, though, a great trip that brings us that much closer to debuting Spring ’13 of the Julia Farr Collection in just a few months.  Think color — lots and lots of bright colors!


Photos courtesy of Julie’s iPhone.


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