What to Wear to the Polls


It’s going to be sunny and clear today as we head to the polls here in the heartland.

It will be cool this morning, so if you hit the polls before work or school, you will probably need a jacket or a pretty scarf, like the White + Warren travel wrap (available at Julia Farr):

Although it’s always fun to think about what to wear, the most important thing you can wear today is this:

I’m sure the activity level will be high in our nation’s capital. What will you wear to the polls?


The lines will be long and it’s chilly here this morning.  I vote at a local church – and you don’t get the coffee and doughnut holes until you get in the church hall, two feet from where you cast your ballot.  So the key for getting dressed today in the Nation’s Capital is to bundle up with a few comfortable layers. I’d suggest a cozy sweater dress good for staying warm while standing, chatting with your neighbors in line and reading You Look Pretty on your iPhone.  It then transitions perfectly to wherever your travels take you.

Max Mara Studio Vento Cable Dress, $418 at Julia Farr

Wow, and it’s beige, too – what a surprise!  For a splash of color, I’d add a top coat that shows off your personality to your fellow citizens:

Weekend Mara Mara Mario Coat in orange, $875 at Julia Farr

With a pair of dark brown boots, the White + Warren camel wrap you’ll be wearing, and some warm gloves — the Election Day look is complete.

Happy Election Day!


Photos, from top to bottom: The Arizona Republic, White + Warren, MatchesFashion.com, Nordstrom



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3 responses to “What to Wear to the Polls

  1. I’ll be wearing my RED White & Warren cashmere wrap to top off a WHITE White & Warren cashmere sweater – both from Julia Farr! Off course, this will all top off my BLUE Joe’s Jeans from JF! Corny but cool way to show national pride! We’re all so blessed to live in a country where we have a vote! Hope everyone gets out there & exercises this precious right! Happy Election Day!

  2. Ann

    I put on my red, white and blue today too!

  3. Dana Rice

    Jill Biden wore a gorgeous Susana Monaco coat to vote today… 🙂

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