I read an interesting article in USA Today last week about uniforms. No, not the plaid skirts we wore in high school, rather the fashion uniforms adopted by adults as they go about their busy lives.

For example, Steve Jobs in his black turtleneck and jeans:

Or that other high-tech guru, Mark Zuckerberg’s grey t-shirt (now that he is a multi-gazillionaire, I think he has abandoned his hoodie):

Finally, our Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, is known for her pantsuits. Although some might decry them, I think she looks pretty good. And, any person holding that demanding job, flying back and forth across the world, would have to have some kind of uniform.

Why would all these high-powered, prosperous people wear the same old thing every day? It’s not just to eliminate one more daily decision from their lives, it serves another purpose: establishing their identity, or their brand, and creating a signature look.

The article got me thinking about my uniform, or if I even have one. I have to say, I could only describe it in broad terms. I tend to wear color every day, usually paired with a basic top or bottom. So, if I have on a colorful top, I wear something neutral on the bottom, and vice-versa. This means that I have a lot of black pants and skirts in my closet – to go with my bright, printed tops, as well as a lot of black sweaters and tops, to go with my colorful jeans or printed skirts.

Do you have a fashion uniform?


Images, top to bottom: Gawker, The New Yorker, FashionLoveAffaris.com


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  1. Dad

    Khakis (pleated) and an oxford work for all ocassions and never go out of style.

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