Fashion Uniforms Part II

Katharine Hepburn: A woman with a Signature Style


It took me a few days to think about my fashion uniform. With Jobs and Zuckerberg on one side of the spectrum with their ONE constant look and young fashionistas on the other end who try a new look daily, I’d say I fall in the middle with more of a defined look that I embrace day-to-day.  As you know, I’m a minimalist: same color – 99% of the time a neutral – head to toe.  Then I throw on jackets or knits for high contrast or tone- on-tone for low contrast.  I don’t like to break up the line of color, unless wearing jeans. Even then I go towards similar tones top to bottom.

A column of ivory at LA market

Sometimes I go with the European approach wearing the  same exact look (or same exact thing!) for a few days in a row like our Julia Farr Collection black Potomac top with fitted black pants and ballet flats.

A Study in Black: the Potomac top with Max Mara Studio pants, both available at Julia Farr

This was my September, early October uniform. Now I’ve moved onto either a dress with boots OR skinny jeans, boots and a jacket. This month, I’m wearing the Jefferson jacket with everything I have because I can’t get enough camel in Autumn.  December will bring winter whites and jewel tones, the one time of the year I throw on a little red.

I attribute this “signature style” to appreciating simplicity of look and choice and knowing what works on me at this point in my life. As much as I like to be a part of the ever changing fashion scene, I just don’t want to be actually ever changing.

Images courtesy of Julia Farr.


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