RIP – “THE TIE” (1620 – 2012)

Ann & Julie  –

These are truly sad times in the mid-40 year old male world.  Two weeks ago in the Presidential election, we were told that we had become politically irrelevant.  Then we are told that pleated pants are out, and we are forced to try and shoehorn ourselves into these skinny legged flat-front pants that look like rejects from an 80’s Loverboy video (sorry for the dated reference, but that’s how absurd these things look).

And now, I’m forced to come to grips with another death in my fashion family.  I know I’m a little slow to the party, but it has finally come to my attention that the tie is dead!!!  May we all have a moment of silence.


I am well aware that this was not a sudden death.  I know the tie started to disappear from everyday wear more than a decade ago.  The late 1990’s was the last time you could count on seeing more men in ties on the street than those with open collars.  But in my world it was still appropriate to wear a tie on certain occasions:

(1)         Customers in from out of town;

(2)         Client meetings;

(3)         Meetings with potential clients/customers/partners

(4)         Activities where you are representing your organization

All of these tended to inspire a little more formal wardrobe.  Yet, over the years, the number of people wearing ties in these scenarios has seen a steady decline.  And recently, on multiple occasions, I’ve found myself as the only person in the room wearing a tie.  What’s happened?  I feel like I’m trying to show respect for the people I am meeting with, and I end up feeling like an idiot as everyone else is sitting there in jeans and a golf shirt.


I’m not that upset with this death.  One more thing in the morning that the color-blind guy doesn’t have to worry about is a big plus.  I’m also not that worried about what to do with all the ties hanging in my closet.  I’m sure our dog will look good wearing them as a leash.  I’m not even worried about what our children will use as their go-to move for Father’s Day now that ties are off the list.  I’m sure another bathing suit will be just as easy.  No, I don’t weep for the demise of the tie.  I just wish I’d got the memo years ago.




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4 responses to “RIP – “THE TIE” (1620 – 2012)

  1. Mrs. Dakan

    Priceless! I’m afraid that you are not alone in feeling left out on the fashion trend. Someone in our house bought 3 new ones this fall. Wait till he hears how passé he is …

  2. Marilyn Underwood

    Great post, Tyler! By the way–your old ties can be made into a lovely skirt for one of the ladies in your family. I am not joking! My grandmother made skirts for my sister and I out of old ties. They were some of our most prized items of clothing. However, since we were never known to be fashion forward, a tie skirt may not meet with Ann’s approval.

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