Fall Obsession – Leather Skirt


It seems that every season, I fixate on one particular item that I just have to have or I will die. This fall, it’s a leather skirt.

Last spring, there were leather embellishments everywhere, on dresses and blouses. It seemed strange to me to see so much of such a heavy weight fabric used during spring time, but it must have infiltrated my weak mind, because, starting this fall, all I could think about was getting a leather skirt.

And, they are everywhere!

Halston Heritage made a short, pleated skirt, kind of like an ice skating skirt ($417 at Bergdorf Goodman)

Cute, but  little too young for me.

Banana Republic makes an A-line version.

It’s fine, if you just want to take a dip in the leather world, but neither the leather itself nor the design are that remarkable.

My favorite is from Lafayette 148 NYC that you carry at Julia Farr.

It’s slim line is so flattering, it truly fits like, well, a glove. And I prefer the classic look of a pencil skirt when paired with such an edgy fabric as leather. The lambskin leather they use is so soft, it’s like butter!

Thank you for satisfying my obsession. Sadly, I had to shorten it, to hit above the knee so I can wear it with boots – but that means we can’t share. You have to get your own!


Images: Bergdorf Goodman, Banana Republic, Lafayette 148 NYC


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