Fall Fashion Week Ralph Lauren


I don’t know about you, but the last two weeks in February are, for me, the longest ones of the winter. I am aching for spring, and yet, I know I still have a number of dreary days, and the possibility of an ice storm, ahead of me.

Although I’m sick of wool and suede boots, and I’d much prefer to think about sundresses and sandals, the fashion world is already immersed in Fall 2013. So, let’s take a look, shall we?

I have to start with Ralph Lauren.

In his fall line, He channels Imperial Russia, although it appears that he couldn’t decide between featuring the lowly sailor


or the genteel members of the czar’s court.


Opulence seems to have won the day though, with furs, brocades, beading and velvet dominating the show.


Although he showed a number of lush velvets in purple, hunter and burgundy, BLACK was the dominant color. Most of the pants and coats were black,


and he showed eight black evening gowns.


Even though the color tones struck a somber, subdued note, Ralph Lauren created a superb story for fall, drawing us into his Dr. Zhivago Russian world.




All photos from Vogue. Click here to see the full video of Ralph Lauren Fall 2013 Fashion Show at Vogue.com.

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