If The Shoe Fits



To answer your question, what color shoe to wear with Spring ’13’s hottest trend: Black & White — the answer is  — whatever you want!  Well, that’s the short answer.  Here’s a longer one with lots of caveats that will just bring us back to my first, short answer. Because black and white are neutrals, the sky is the limit for shoe color choice.   With a combination of black and white, you can go black, you can go white (if you’re brave), you can go metallic, you can embrace a pop of color or perhaps try a black shoe with subtle white piping if you happen to fall upon them in a great stroke of luck.  Even a jewel encrusted black espadrille can add excitement to the plain palate.  After looking at 1,000+ photos of black and white sweeping down Spring ’13 runways, it seems black was often the choice.

Vera Wang Spring '13 Runway

Vera Wang Spring ’13 Runway

I would say going with black shoes or boots is a safe bet, especially for a professional setting, but if you are in a mood to make a statement, try a bright shade with your black and white print:


As for what to wear with all black –  I usually advise black so as not to disrupt the long line you are creating.  

Christian Dior Spring 2013 Runway in Black

Christian Dior Spring 2013 Runway in Black

Having said that, a metallic shoe for evening or a metallic flat for day can be a ton of fun.  And for a more casual ensemble, you can break up a long line of black with a brown belt and shoes (boots, sandals, you name it).  For an all white ensemble, again, the options are many.  For spring, I think a a nude pump always works well with white or winter white.  Black is also a chic, minimalist choice as it anchors the ethereal white.


Are you wishing I never responded?


(Photos courtesy of GoRunway.com, GlamourReuters: Dior by Raf Simons, Larry Busacca Getty Images North America, MilkNHoney.com)


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