What To Wear: Spring Break Skiing


I loved reading about Amy Matto – who is not only a beautiful designer but a nice person. Although I adore her  front twist dress, I won’t be bringing it with me on our ski trip to Colorado.

Here are my insider tips on what to pack for a ski vacation, based upon my 40 years of vacationing and playing in the mountains.

First of all, there really isn’t much fashion in the mountains- at least not what you see on the streets of DC or KC. Before the haters come after me, let me explain: The only thing that really matters about what you wear in a ski town is how technical your gear is. When you’re sitting in the bar, enjoying your well-earned apres-ski beer, you want to be able to brag about how warm and dry you were on the mountain skiing through two feet of powder. And no one does technical better than Patagonia.


I love this Patagonia Women’s Down Sweater – its slim fit and pretty color  make it a fashionable choice too.

Next, it gets cold at night in the high altitude, so you have to bundle up when you go to dinner. LLBean‘s Silk Pointelle underwear provides a weightless layer of warmth with no bulk, so you can still wear your skinny jeans.



We ski with lots of friends and family, but, invariably, we get separated at some point during the day, so it’s always a challenge to reconnect across 5,00 skiable acres. Text messages fly back and forth.

“Where should we meet for lunch?”

“Meet us at the top of 11 at 11:00”

“I’ll be on the deck at Los Amigos with a pitcher of margaritas at 4:00”

You don’t want to miss out on any of that, so it’s essential that you have gloves that allow you to access email and texts. The North Face E Tip glove, available at REI, is perfect.


X-static® fabric on tips of the index fingers and thumbs allows you to control your smart phone or digital music player (yes, I ski with music blasting through my helmet!) without taking your gloves off. And, there is a special silicone grip on the palm, so you don’t drop your phone off the chairlift.

Finally, shoes. In snowy climes, it doesn’t really matter what you have on your feet, as long as they’re warm and provide good traction. I know you don’t believe me, but it’s true. People don’t really notice your shoes, but if you slip on the snow and fall on your butt, they will notice that. And point and laugh.

You want something practical like the classic Jungle Moc from Merrell. My one concession to fashion is that mine are black.


Now you are ready for a week of snowy fun!


Images: Patagonia, LLBean, REI, Merrell


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