Comfort Versus Beauty


Greetings from the Granite State! I brought our son to New Hampshire for a lacrosse camp, and while he is running around the fields, I’m exploring New England.

It’s always fun to look at prevailing fashions in different parts of the U.S. Although there are many common elements in American fashion, I do believe that each area of the country has it’s own distinct flavor.

I would say New Hampshire is decidedly casual, with an emphasis on comfort. After all, it is one of the most pristine areas of the United States, with sparkling lakes to be swum in and mountain peaks that beckon to be climbed. The practical people of New Hampshire are always prepared to climb that mountain, or canoe that lake, by sporting this footwear all day, every day.

I have hiking boots


but I only wear them when I am hiking – I don’t wear them with my shorts, or skirt, to go to work. Then, again, I don’t think that the people of New Hampshire – whose state motto is “Live Free or Die” – really care what I, or anyone else, thinks about their footwear.

Coincidentally, I encountered a very funny blog on Refinery 29 by a woman who insists that ugly shoes, like Birkenstocks and Tevas, are perfectly appropriate to wear with a sundress to the office. She acknowledges that they are ugly shoes, but she finds a kind of beauty in their ugliness. In fact, she quotes Miuccia Prada who said, “Ugly is attractive, ugly is interesting.” Hmm.

Keep in mind, she is a fashion editor. And, she lives in NYC. If anything, I admire her independent spirit, if not her footwear choices. Here is a pair of her favorite shoes:



I have enough trouble with any type of white shoe after the age of six, let alone sandals with thick straps and soles.

Birkenstocks must really be having a moment, because Nordstrom just featured them in an email ad campaign


With your internet history, I highly doubt that this email landed in your inbox. Must have been those new Tevas I bought for my son last week!

You should know, in the early days of my marriage, when we lived in Colorado, I was in a bit of a hippie, or wanna-be hippie, phase. I considered buying some Birkenstocks, until my husband informed me that he considered them the best form of birth control. Needless to say, I never bought those shoes.

Our children


More from New England later on this week!


Images; Solomon, Refinery 29, Nordstrom


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