Wrap Yourself in Color!


I know you’ve been enjoying a few days in New England absorbing the beauty of Kennebunkport and the fierce competition of high school lacrosse tournaments.  Have you found that the evenings by the water get a little chilly and you need something to throw over your shoulders? We have the perfect answer to cover you with just the right amount of soft and luxurious fabric when you are by the water, in a chilly restaurant or movie theater that is definitively summer in a wrap.  Our modal wraps from Shawlsmith London are bright, happy, colorful and get ready — $45-$55!  They fly out the door everyday of the week here at the boutique.  Our collection is pictured below and all available at Julia Farr.  Happy Travels!Screen_Shot_2013-05-10_at_10.41.39_AM_170_227 Screen_Shot_2013-05-10_at_10.41.08_AM_170_225 352904-612x612-1.png_170_170 Screen_Shot_2013-05-10_at_10.40.41_AM_170_226 Screen_Shot_2013-05-10_at_10.43.53_AM_170_227 images-14_170_170 Screen_Shot_2013-05-10_at_10.43.42_AM_170_226 352876-612x612-1.png_170_170 Screen_Shot_2013-06-26_at_1.02.03_PM_170_121

Order one now at Julia Farr and you’ll be ready for wherever summer takes you!



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