The Chicken or the Egg?


Ah, summertime.  Time to relax by the pool, eat too much ice cream and watch re-runs. We’ve revisited one of our favorite Showtime series, “Homeland.” The Emmy-winning show is about a brilliant, but slightly mentally unstable, CIA agent, Carrie Mathison (played by Claire Danes). The show is amazing, filled with unbelievable plot twists, fascinating characters and relevant story lines. But, even with all the car chases, prisoner torture and presidential assassinations, all I can focus on is that Carrie Mathison wears pantsuits.

Episode 102

Since this is the world of make-believe, her pant suits are impeccably tailored and quite flattering, but, still, it’s a pantsuit.

I know, I know. She is too worried about being a super CIA agent to care about wearing something “fashionable.”


Doesn’t seem to hurt her chances with the men (even though he is married, and possibly a terrorist)


But, then Dior has focused so heavily on the pantsuit this season,



I started to wonder:

Which came first? Carrie Mathison’s pantsuit, or Dior’s?


Images: top three: Showtime, bottom two, Dior


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