One Color


I agree with you about the color Indigo. What I love about it is that it looks good on people of all different complexions and hair color. I rarely wear blue, because I don’t think it’s a flattering color with my olive skin and brown hair, but the hint of purple in indigo is so flattering – it looks good on my fair-skiined, black-haired sister too, so we can share!

I was reminded on your love for monochromatic dressing recently while watching summer re-runs of one of my favorite shows, The Big Bang Theory.


If you aren’t familiar with it, it’s about two scientists and their friends who live and work in the Los Angeles area. The two main characters, Sheldon and Leonard, live across the hall from Penny.  Sheldon is a brilliant but socially inept theoretical particle physicist. Leonard is a slightly less brilliant (according to Sheldon) experimental physicist and Penny is a struggling actress from Nebraska who waitresses at the Cheesecake Factory. The three appear to have very little in common expect their deep friendship with one another.

The episode that reminded me of you concerns an outing with Sheldon and Penny. Sheldon is supposed to accept an award, but he is terrified of public speaking. To help him gain the confidence to appear on stage, Penny takes him shopping to buy a new suit. If you look good, you feel good, right?

I’ve summarized the dialogue below, but you can also view the YouTube clip here. After you’ve read through, I think you’ll see why it reminded me of you!

Sheldon and  Penny enter a clothing store.

Sheldon: “I question your premise. How is a new suit going to prevent me from passing out in front of a ballroom full of people?”

Penny: “It will give you confidence! Sometimes when I’m feeling stressed out about something, I go out and buy a cute top or a fun skirt, I have a whole new outlook on life.”

Sheldon: “But don’t you eventually realize you are still the same stressed out person in a cute top or a fun skirt?”

Penny: “Yeah, that’s when I buy shoes.”

Penny looks through a rack of suits.

Penny: “Now, let’s see what we’ve got. Oh, this is nice.”

She pulls out an elegant all-black suit.

Sheldon looks at it with derision.

Sheldon: “It’s only one color.”

Penny: “Yeah, so?”

He looks at the price tag.

Sheldon: “That’s a lot of money for only one color!”

Just one man’s perspective on the monochromatic look.

And, thank God for those days when we find a great pair of shoes.


Image: Big Bang Theory


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