Pointy Toes and Low Heels


Now that we’ve shown everyone what they should wear from the Julia Farr Collection, let’s talk about which shoes to wear with all our fabulous Fall fashions.

Pointy-toed shoes are having a moment. They are everywhere –

As a wedge from Burberry


with an ankle strap from Derek Lam


and in a such a simple, streamlined flat from Jimmy Choo


it makes my ballet flats look positively girlish.

Speaking of flats, there is still a movement toward lower heels, especially in boots.


Suede boot from Chloe


Equestrian themed boot from Lauren by Ralph Lauren

But, heels are here to stay – and how could anyone resist these over-the-knee suede boots from Stuart Weitzman


The lines are classic enough that I could almost – almost – wear them. But, I still can’t get over my fear that I would resemble Puss in Boots.






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2 responses to “Pointy Toes and Low Heels

  1. Mary Beth

    Sooo glad I’m finally in style with low heels!

  2. Ann

    You always have style, but now you are au courant!

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