Stuart Weitzman's Nostress  Ankle Boot

Stuart Weitzman’s Nostress
Ankle Boot

Dear Ann,

Happy Halloween!  I am writing a quick note to follow up on your Pointy Toes and Low Heels post from Tuesday with the comment, WHAT ABOUT THE BOOTIE??? I don’t know how one can leave the house without tripping over the bootie trend. They are everywhere — every fashion blog, every department store display, every woman walking through Spring market at the Javits Center in September: booties everywhere.  And no one really talked about how we all wore boots to our knees for the past 4 years with our skinny jeans and leggings, and all of a sudden, all the leather is gone right down to the ankle. It reminds me how everyone turned from chardonnay to sauvignon blanc overnight about five years ago.  It was like subliminal message was sent out that buttery and oaky were so 1992.  Back to the bootie – of course, I succumbed. I’m not sure how I feel about the trend long term and I still struggle with the short flirty skirt with bootie (I think it works on the 20somethings), but I’m in it for now, having purchased Stuart Weitzman’s Nostress ankle boot that is polished in its combination of leather and suede with silver detail on the heel. I’ll stick to wearing them with skinny jeans and black fitted pants until further notice.  One small step in a bootie at a time.

Off to the Halloween Parade!


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