Team USA!


we are so excited for the Winter Olympics around here – two weeks of some of our favorite sports: ice hockey and every form of downhill skiing imaginable – freestyle, moguls, slalom, GS, downhill. Woo hoo!

The focus is definitely on the athlete, but that doesn’t mean I’m not paying attention to what they have on.

First, we begin with Ralph Lauren’s Team USA designs (all of which are now made in the USA – he won’t make that mistake again)

RL rolled out the team sweater first, and it’s received quite a bit of bad press


I’m not a fan either – too much going on there. But, it’s positively restrained if you compare it to the uniforms for Sochi Olympic employees


I guess the vomit of color on the coats is supposed to make up for grey Russian skies?

Back to Ralph Lauren: He more than made up for the crazy sweater above with the rest of the collection, all of which are classic throwbacks to the alpine tradition.

The Pea Coat

winterOlympicCoatthe boot, with its red laces, resembles an original ski “boot” when they were strapped onto skis with leather straps,

winterOlympicBootand two other sweaters that remind me of Ralph’s designs from the 1980s. A moose sweater (I have one similar to this from way back when)

winterOlympicMooseSweaterand a timeless flag sweater (the one thing I’m seriously considering purchasing)

winterOlympicFlagSweaterSo much focus is on Ralph Lauren’s designs that I’m always a bit surprised not to see more of them throughout the Games. We tend to see the athletes in the gear supplied by Nike – which always seems to be  a very boring grey.

winterolympicsnikeEven the jackets dedicated for the medal ceremony are a bit too, well, grey (albeit shiny grey)

winterOlympicsNikeMedalsI would prefer a red, white and blue palette throughout.

I like what downhill skier Julia Mancuso did to amp up her grey jacket – a flag scarf wrapped around her neck.

winterolympicjuliamancusoPatriotic and feminine – a win-win in my book, which I hope she does in the Super G!

Although opening ceremonies are tomorrow, figure skating, freestyle skiing and snowboarding begin today!




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2 responses to “Team USA!

  1. Pamela Moore

    Glad to have you back doing this. I had missed the fashion reports. Pam

    Sent from my iPhone

  2. Tyler

    U-S-A!!! U-S-A!!!

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