Spring Break


Dear Ann,

I know you’ve just landed from your Surf and Turf Spring Break with days at the beach and days on the slopes and am guessing it was wonderful.  I am one day into a week in Naples, FL and could not be any happier. I can’t remember a time when the words both “Spring” and “Break” have meant so much to me.  A week ago in DC, we were shoveling another 6 inches of snow on St. Patrick’s Day.  I found myself digging deep into my closet to find green snow-wear that could transition from snowy streets to an Irish bar.  And now, finally the sun and warmth.

I was so disoriented with the winter blues when packing to get here, I arrived and unpacked several tops that go back to apparently no bottoms, dresses without shoes and belts that serve no purpose.  Effective packing is a skill and gift, and although I can do it for others with clarity and precision, it is not something I can do for myself.  It is like a Sunday morning brunch buffet — too many choices.  And my imagination runs wild with all the possible things that I could do in one week away — and, as you can imagine,  I want to be prepared for whatever comes up.  So with my suitcase ripping at the seams, I have arrived with a complete mish-mash of summer clothes. And yet, I’m very happy.

Before I left, Spring collections hit the floor at Julia Farr. As much as I love the Fall collections as an anchor to our very existence, Spring colors really speak to my spirit. Every color of blue — pale blue, indigo, navy, cobalt and turquoise dominate, with blood orange pops all over the place. The crisp whites are like exclamation marks disbursed among the bright colors and the florals are both wild and romantically soft.  Winter was sleepy quiet at the store, but the very promise of Spring has brought people out of their homes and into my shop, looking for all their Spring event dresses to daily professional wardrobing to I-just-need-something-besides-snowboots-to-put-on.  Even where there aren’t temps in the 70s or 80s, we all need a break and we all need Spring.

(Since you’ve noticed I’m not the best correspondent, so I’m writing you once a week on Mondays with whatever hits me: mostly my musings about the past week in life and in fashion. Hope this works for you!)



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