In and Out Like a Lion

On the beach this morning with Mom and fabulous dragon

On the beach Sunday morning with Mom and a fabulous dragon

Dear Ann, 

I flew from 80 degrees sunny Naples, Florida today at noon after a nice morning walk on the beach with my Mom (with this awesome sand dragon-what commitment!) to a cold, cloudy, rainy Washington, DC.  And as we approached home from the airport, the driving rain turned into snow.  Not just wistful, can-hardly-see-it-snow but tumbling fat flakes that came down with purpose, covering the lawns and cars for several hours.  By the time I ran out to get dinner tonight, I was back to the heavy coat and boots with my head wrapped in a scarf.  On the 30th of March. And there was no question when I unpacked my Spring/Summer clothes that they wouldn’t go straight back to storage.  Forever, I think.

And right on the pulse of this hot-cold, sun-snow dilemma, I have to hand it to my favorite fashion and lifestyle blog Refinery 29 for posting an article on what to wear as the weather and your wardrobe are both in full transition in its 20 Transition Outfits that Don’t Look Crazy – At All.   I thought they nailed a few looks well, the rest were too Spring-y for what we are facing here, even if it does warm up this week. The potential is still there, you know that after a 70-degree cherry blossomed day in the sun, that the heavens could open again in a cold, harsh way just to keep us on our toes. Nevertheless, if it is not snowing and just chilly, I thought these looks were basically very good ones.

Look by Akris

Akris: Soft Spring pastel with black ensemble softening to the neutral boot


The robe coat by Ayr

The robe coat by Ayr – So Chic!

Madewell top and jeans. Casual and perfectly transitional.

Madewell top and jeans. Casual and perfectly transitional.

The key to transition from Winter to Spring is to eliminate all the very heavy pieces and faux furs you may have accumulated from October through March and introduce into your everyday look, a silk blouse or light cashmere sweater with Spring colors to lighten up the darks and the heavy fabrics.  Lose the black pants you’ve worn to death and bring out your indispensable pencil skirt in any color or your lightweight black pencil pants.  Keep your streamlined top coat nearby to give polish and warmth but – and this a is big BUT – try to move away from the heavy boots to pumps as April progresses. If it is freezing and snowing — forget all of my commentary and put on your arctic snow clothes.

Just my preliminary thoughts as I absorb the new climate and think about my toes in the sand just hours ago.  I fear the lamb has spent the month in Caribbean and needs to get the next flight out to make its 4/1 debut.


Photos courtesy of Akris, Ayr and Madewell.


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