Inspired by Audrey

Iconic Audrey Hepburn

Iconic Audrey Hepburn: Essential, Elegant and Enlightened


Yesterday was Audrey Hepburn’s birthday — she would have been 85. I saw her image pop up on Google and found photos and quotes of and from her all over social media sites.  I was struck by the number of tributes to her on this anniversary of her birth, and it reminded me what an inspiration she has been to me throughout my years of developing my style and fashion sense.  Elegant is the word most associated with her — a look she perfected by wearing both essential and what we term as enlightened pieces: those designs that capture the essence of who you are.  Her dress, always impeccable, was also uncomplicated, straightforward, yet feminine — things I strive for when I get dressed everyday. She was the perfect iconic miminalist, one who had show-stopping appeal with painfully chic ensembles.

As I looked at pages of photos of her, I remarked about the pieces she wore that resembled designs from the Julia Farr Collection, and realized that her style must have been subconsciously woven through our designs. The perfect white blouse in the Prospect (as in the photo above), the indispensable bateau neck in the Potomac,

A bateau neck top just like our Potomac!

A bateau neck top just like our Potomac

And Stripes: Think Spring 2015 Julia Farr Collection

And Stripes: Think Spring 2015 Julia Farr Collection

and the sheath that we debuted this Spring ’14 in the Lafayette dress.

The perfect sheath dress worn by Audrey, like our Lafayette dress for Spring '14.

The perfect sheath dress

Ultimately – and most important in fashion – it was Audrey’s inner beauty that shown through bringing her style to a vibrant life. So as we look into our closets in the morning to make our daily statement, let’s focus on our inner beauty first and the rest will come in chic perfection.  Just like Audrey.


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