Welcome to Our Collection Website!

Julia and I are thrilled to announce the launch of the official website for the Julia Farr Collection


Screenshot (7)


The creation of the website is a huge step forward for our emerging company. Now, buyers around the country (and the world!) can view our designs and learn about our story.

As loyal readers of You Look Pretty – you get first dibs to see the site.

We hope you’ll take a minute to visit us by clicking here. We’d love to hear your comments – good or bad! In the two short years we’ve been in business, we’ve found our clients feedback to be invaluable, so, please, tell us what you think.

When you visit the site, you will have the opportunity to see our upcoming Fall 2014 –


The stunning photos of our designs were captured by the very talented photographer (and exceptional hockey player) Colby Lysne.


Later on this week, we will post some candid, behind-the-scenes photos and video from our first ever “official” photo shoot.

Like what you see from the Fall 2014 Collection? Email us at ann@juliafarrcollection.com and we will reserve any one of the designs just for you – and ship it to you as soon as it is produced.






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7 responses to “Welcome to Our Collection Website!

  1. Katie

    Wow! The photos are great but the designs are even better!!!

  2. Frank Bellizzi

    Julie & Ann: Big Congrats!! Hope all is well with both of you and let me know what jumps out at you that I might want 2 consider for Ali. Best, Frank

  3. Amy

    Oh no! Let the late night drinking/shopping begin…that’s when I do my best work. Congratulations, Ladies!

  4. Karen Anillo

    Looking very good, gals!

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