Behind the Scenes – Fall 2014 Photo Shoot

On March 13, the Julia Farr Collection had our first “official” photo shoot for our Fall 2014 line. We have shot photos of our designs before this – using several great photographers – but this marked the day that we went on location, used real models, had a stylist and an accomplished commercial photographer. I worked diligently to prepare everything in advance so the shoot would proceed as smoothly as possible. We knew we were going to shoot 10 “looks”.   Sounds easy, right. Boom, bam, bang – 10 looks, 10 shot, done in about an hour, right?.

Yeah, there is a lot more to it.

Here is a behind the scenes look at how we got all those beautiful photos you can now see on our website.

We started with location – we shot on site at Carriage Club in Kansas City. We knew we wanted  a place that conveyed our elegant and enlightened aesthetic, and the decor of Carriage Club fit the bill – classic clean lines, subtle accents of color and design on the walls and, best of all, really good light.

photo 2 (3)

Colby Lysne – getting the shot

Lighting is important – like, really important- as I learned from our photographer, Colby Lysne.  We were able to use a lot of natural light, which helped us to move more quickly through the shoot than if we would have had to re-light every time we moved locations within the club.

Before all the “talent” arrived, I had all of the “looks” laid out, along with accessories. photo 3 (1)

We decided to use two models, so we could shoot one while the other was changing. photo 1 (3)

Our two fabulous models, Alicia Cabrera and Kelly Shumway-MacDonald, were lovely and so professional. Julia and I knew that we wanted models that were representative of our current roster of clients – women who live lives of complexity and responsibility, with a healthy dose of fun. Both Kelly and Alicia are moms, and each of them has their own entrepreneurial projects, in addition to modeling. We think the fullness of their spirit comes through in the photos, enhancing our designs even more! But, it’s also always nice to have a stylist, like Heidi Seager-Bowles, who made the models shine with stunning hair and make-up.

photo 1 (2)   photo 4

We shot photos over a period of about four hours – we moved fast. Colby would stop every once in a while to view the photos on his ipad, to be sure we were going in the right direction as far as how we wanted the clothing to look. photo 2 (2)

What you can’t see from the still photos is the amount of movement that went into every photo. Both the models and Colby were constantly in motion, so not only do the models look more natural, the clothing does as well – you can see how it moves on a real woman’s body. Toward the end of the shoot, we relaxed a bit.  When we were shooting close-up on our tops, high heels were kicked aside. photo 2 (6)

Kelly, barefoot, modeling our Corcoran Top…

photo 2 (5)

…and in our Sequoia Top

And alternatives were used…

photo 4 (1)

Alicia, in our Kalorama Dress and her own Sperrys

I learned that it takes a lot of hard work to convey elegance and glamour. But, as you saw from our website,, it was all worth it and our photos are spectacular.

Many, many thanks to everyone who worked with us that day and made it such a wonderful experience:

photo (3)


Left to right: Photographer, Colby Lysne, Jack of All Trades, Ann, Stylist, Heidi Seager – Bowles, Models, Alicia Cabrera and KellyShumway-MacDonald, Colby’s Assistant ,Calvin McGuire

We are already planning for Spring 2015!



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  1. TP

    Now that is cool. Sometimes it’s not good to see how the sausage is made, but this brings some life to the collection. Love it.

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