The Good, the Bad and the Ugly


The craziness of the beginning of summer has settled down and I finally had some time last weekend to do a bit of shopping and to peruse my fashion magazines.

Because I’m surrounded by clothing all the time, I rarely shop like I used to. But, last weekend, I ran into Old Navy to see if they had any casual tops I could bring with me on my upcoming trip to Europe. I didn’t find any, but I did find an amazing pair of sandals.


These simple, elegant t-strap sandals will be coming with me to Italy.

Women's T-Strap Sandals - Gold

They are surprisingly comfortable, with a cushioned insole, and will offer much more support than a pair of flip-flops. In fact, they remind me of a pair of sandals that I bought in Capri the last time I was in southern Italy. It’s ridiculous how excited I am about these $19.95 pair of shoes. Sure, they’ll probably only last a season, but they look timeless during that short time.


There wasn’t much fashion to excite me in either issue of InStyle or Vogue. In fact, I completely disagree with two of InStyle’s predictions of the new “it” items.

Did you know the jumpsuit is the new maxidress?




I like the novelty of the jumpsuit, it’s fun to see it on people like you – who are over 5’10” –  but for the rest of us? I know I certainly can’t pull it off.  Don’t get me started on the logistics of going to the bathroom while wearing one – I’m sure it takes the better part of a half an hour to disrobe. I prefer the comfort, elegance and ease of the maxi dress.


Really? These awful Adidas pool shoe knock-offs are supposed to be good looking?



Or, do they arise from Miuccia Prada’s belief that ugly is more interesting than beauty? These go on our feet, for heaven’s sake, which need as much help as they can get in the beauty department.

Vogue had the sandals all over their June issue: like these from Sam Edelman.


Look how large and ungainly the model’s feet look in this photo – and I’m sure she is at least 5’9”. Imagine them on a diminutive person, like myself, but one who also has large feet. I’d look like an “L”.

No thank you.


Top Image – Old Navy, next two images: InStyle Magazine. Bottom image: Vogue


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