Dana Bash

On October 1, CNN Chief Congressional Correspondent Dana Bash engaged Governor Chris Christie in a wide-ranging and insightful discussion of issues facing this country – from the stigma surrounding drug addiction to his own personal battle with obesity. She also made a valiant attempt to get Governor Christie – a likely 2016 GOP contender – to state his intention to run.

You can see the entire interview here

For this important conversation with Governor Christie, Dana chose to wear our Lafayette Sheath dress in Indigo Silk.  She is a wonderful friend and a stalwart supporter of the Julia Farr Collection since our launch two years ago, having worn our designs on many occasions on and off camera. She is the embodiment of the woman for whom we design – intelligent, balanced, sophisticated and successful, in a professional position of daily high impact. We are thrilled and honored every time we see her wearing one of our designs.



Dana Bash, interviewing Governor Chris Christie, wearing a Julia Farr Collection Lafayette Dress in Indigo Silk





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