The Daily Skimm



Thank you so much for turning me on to the Daily Skimm. I love it! I know that you were originally drawn to it because it gave you all the headlines of the day in one place, but even I, a news junkie, finds it an excellent news source.

Daily Skimm is a newsletter that pops up in your inbox every day, Monday through Friday. Although it’s called a “skimm”, there is nothing superficial about their reporting. The writers provide a concise (i.e brief) explanation of the most pressing headlines of the day, along with a brief analysis of the “why” – why it’s important that we know about it and how it affects the world at large. And, if you want a more in-depth report of any one of the headlines they present, they have lots of links back to AP and other national and local news outlets with articles about the topic.

I truly believe they are objective reporters, in this day and age of real bias in many news outlets.

They write in a conversational tone and, best of all, they are hilarious! Laugh out loud funny. Here is a sampling of some of my favorite lines from the past few weeks:

The Russian Ruble is channeling Chumbawamba and got knocked down.

If you thought Obama and the new GOP-controlled Congress would start singing Kumbaya together anytime soon, you were mistaken.

QUOTE OF THE DAY : “This is probably one of the biggest sporting events that’s up there ever” – LeBron James had his first game back with the Cleveland Cavaliers last night. Glad to see he didn’t lose that humble streak in the off-season. PS they lost.

As you can see from the above lines, they write about everything from world events to pop culture and sports. Occasionally, they throw in a word to know (helpful for us old people trying to stay hip):

Thing to Know – On fleek: What your teen cousin’s been saying. Means ‘on point.’ Made popular by a girl in a viral video describing her eyebrows as ‘on fleek.’ Yes, this is a thing.

Thanks for keeping me on fleek, Julie.


For anyone else out there who wants to be able to chat intelligently about the Middle Eastern crisis over a cold martini at the end of a busy day, sign up for the Daily Skimm here. You’ll be glad you did.


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