The Henle Skirt and the Avon Top

Ann: It is so difficult to find a summer skirt that is flowing without looking too Coachella/hippie. Our Henle gives you that cool, relaxed feeling of a full skirt with polished tailoring that allows you to wear it to work, too.

Julie:  I agree, Ann. The Henle skirt is more “Saturday in the Park, you’d think it was the Fourth of July” than Coachella. Thanks, Chicago.  Beautiful fabric, fitted right below the waist with clean pleats, and yes, pockets.

The Henle Skirt


An upperclassman apartment complex on the Georgetown campus, Henle is known for its open spaces, allowing students to see and be seen. The enlightened Henle Skirt is the perfect piece to wear when you walk out into the great wide world, whether you are meeting friends for brunch or strolling through an art museum.

The Henle has a full, pleated skirt with a fitted waistband, and length to the bottom of the knee. The neutral denim-look pairs perfectly with our navy Avon top or, for a more casual look, with a simple white tee. Add ballet flats and go!


80% Cotton, 20% Linen

Dry Clean Only


The Avon Top

Ann: I am a sucker for a good silk top – especially one in a neutral like navy. I will dress our Avon up with the Henle skirt and down with shorts. It will be a critical part of my 4th of July barbecue outfit!

Julie: It’s also a great essential for a professional wardrobe, back to tailored pants or a pencil skirt. It will fit well under a jacket but is covered enough for many professional settings in the summertime.  And I love navy blue with just about everything.


A tiny, precious side street in Georgetown, Avon Place is hidden in plain sight – only a true Georgetowner would know where to find it!  You will feel “in the know” wearing our Avon Top – sure to become an essential piece in your spring/summer wardrobe. It’s office appropriate, but not too stuffy to wear on the weekend with a flowing summer skirt.

The Avon top celebrates a woman’s clavicles, as the open, elegant ballet neckline allows you freedom to accessorize with a short or long pendant necklace. The top has the right amount of sleeve coverage, covering your shoulder to top of arm. It extends to just above the hipline and is best worn tucked into a full skirt – the lush ying to its sleek yang. A great travel piece for summer European adventures.


95% Silk, 5% Spandex

Dry Clean Only


Available at Julia Farr 


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