Best of Washington!

July 2015 Cover of Washingtonian Magazine's Annual Best of Washington Issue

July 2015 Cover of Washingtonian Magazine’s Annual Best of Washington Issue

Happy Birthday, Ann!!!

I have magnificent news to share on your big day — my beloved small business Julia Farr boutique won the reader’s choice for Best Place for Women’s Clothes in DC in Washingtonian Magazine’s Annual Best of Washington issue!BOW

YES, I am happy, thrilled, delighted, overjoyed, grateful and overwhelmed with the news!  You know this July 21st marks 5 years in business and you have been there through it all. You and Tyler built the first website, you drafted all the copy for each page of it, you and I designed that first Healy Skirt, you have scoured textile markets around the US for the perfect fabric for our collection, then jumped off the cliff with me in creating the Julia Farr Collection in 2012– but the most important moment in all of this, Ann, was when you sat at the bar at Cafe Milano with me in the Fall of 2009 and over a glass of wine asked me to tell you all about my idea for a business that I wanted to create.  And as I spoke, describing to you the dream for the boutique and a private collection someday, you didn’t shake your head and laugh — as at the time I had a good job with a great company and three children to raise — you nodded and said, “what a great idea, I’d love to help you.” Thank you for believing in me and standing by me everyday. I know the next 5 years building our business will be even more fantastic!

For this glorious news today, being recognized by Washingtonians in Washingtonian Magazine is an amazingly meaningful moment for me and I thank all our supporters, friends, followers, clients, and readers for the support and loyalty. Without all of you, I would not be able to live my dream.

Enjoy your birthday, Ann – I’ll be raising a glass to you!

XOXO, Julie

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