Meet Mimi Brault

On June 1, Julia Farr Collection unveiled a new direction for our company –  recruiting and empowering women around the country to start their own business selling Julia Farr Collection in their city.

Two months later, we are thrilled to announce the launch of our Fall 2015 Collection with our brand new wardrobe consultants. Last week, we kicked off shows in two cities – Wilmette, IL and Kansas City, MO.

We thought it would be fun for all of our You Look Pretty readers to meet our new team, since we think they are an incredible group of women! Every one of them has an impressive professional background – in finance, public relations, and, yes, fashion – and all of them bring a fresh perspective, sense of fun and incredible energy to our company.

So, without further ado, meet Mimi Brault


Name: Mimi Brault

City: Wilmette, IL

Family: Husband: Jim. Three boys: Charlie, 23, Jeb 21, Will 18

Meditation or yoga? Yoga

Mountains or Ocean? Both- I love the outdoors.

Team Sport or Individual? Both! I love tennis and golf.

Coffee or Tea? Tea

Dog or Cat? Dog

Why did you decide to start your own business and become a wardrobe consultant for Julia Farr Collection? Julia and I have been life-long friends. I have watched her grow her business and wanted to join the fun!

Describe your personal style – neutral like Julia or brights like Ann? Brights like Ann.

What is your favorite piece of clothing EVER? A LBD from Donna Karan.

When you’re not thinking about fashion, you’re… thinking about food! I love to cook.

Which non-profit is closest to your heart? Josephinum Academy in Chicago. The newest member of the Sacred Heart network, Josephinum educates girls from all over the city to be the best they can be.

Name a woman you admire – past, present or future and why? My grandmother, Margaret Clopton Donahue. She endured a lot of heartache in her life but she never lost her sense of humor or her style.

What is your favorite piece of Fall 2015 from Julia Farr Collection? The Dupont Jacket – great lines and beautiful fabric.


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