Meet Kathleen Ellis



Name: Kathleen Ellis

City: Kansas City

Family: My amazing husband, Brewster

Meditation or yoga? Meditation

Mountains or Ocean? Both

Team Sport or Individual? I love all sports, especially at the college level

Coffee or Tea? Wine…then coffee

Dog or Cat? Dogs would be my first choice

Why did you decide to start your own business and become a wardrobe consultant for Julia Farr Collection? Coming from a corporate background, I’ve seen plenty of women, of all ages, struggle to find work appropriate clothing that is well made and a part of a wardrobe they can build on through the seasons. The Julie Farr Collection offers both  – allowing the professional women to dress with confidence. I especially was attracted to their desire to give back to others by donating a portion of sales proceeds to a charity. That’s what it’s all about!

Describe your personal style – neutral like Julia or brights like Ann? Brights!

What is your favorite piece of clothing EVER? Cashmere sweaters

When you’re not thinking about fashion, you’re… trying to figure out golf. I also want to learn how to play mah jong and bridge.

Name a person you admire – past, present or future and why? I admire any woman that follows her passion. Also, my husband – he is my hero!

What is your favorite piece of Fall 2015 from Julia Farr Collection? The Dumbarton Dress


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