Meet Maureen Hartigan



Name: Maureen Hartigan

City: Chicago, IL

Family: Husband John,  Son Joe (we are all Hoyas)

Meditation or yoga? Yoga

Mountains or Ocean? Ocean

Team Sport or Individual? Individual for me but a Georgetown basketball fanatic — so team!!

Coffee or Tea? Both!!

Dog or Cat? Always a dog.  We have the most loving, sweet mixed breed dog named Harts whom we adore.

Why did you decide to start your own business and become a wardrobe consultant for Julia Farr Collection?  I decided to become a wardrobe consultant for Julia Farr because I believe in Julia.  Her fashion sense, philosophies and spirit drew me in.  Meeting Julia was serendipitous as we were brought together by a mutual friend who is one of my most favorite persons in the world.   This opportunity came at a good time.  I am an empty-nester who has been looking for a new adventure.   I am so excited to be a part of launching this beautiful collection for an even more beautiful person

Describe your personal style – neutral like Julia or brights like Ann? I am drawn to neutrals.  I always look for pieces that flatter and are made with beautiful, high-quality fabrics.   My daily summer uniform is a dress and winter is skinny jeans with boots.  I always choose a dress for meetings, dinner and events.  I love a high heel and a great handbag.

What is your favorite piece of clothing EVER? The dress I wore to my 50th birthday party.  I was dropping my sister off at her building and ran into a friend who also lived in the building.  She invited me to meet her friend Elda, a dress designer, who also had a boutique in the building.  The first dress I tried on was it.  Pale, pale green sheath with a black overlay.  It is beautiful and made me feel great on a very special night.  I was so happy to wear Elda’s design, she is a lovely woman.   I’m not sure I’ll ever wear the 6″heels I paired with it, but they are super fun and I actually kept them on all night!

When you’re not thinking about fashion, you’re… Fitness is very important to me, not just for its physical benefits but for the friendships I have made through running and training groups.  These women have brought me hours of great conversation and support.   Yes, exercise is a form of therapy!

I also LOVE to cook, especially for my 19-year old son who loves to stay home just to eat a home cooked meal.

Writing is also a passion as I am finishing a final edit of a novel.  Getting pretty close!  It’s also a great way to get on paper what I am thinking or sharing kind words with people I care about.

Family…family…family…I have a large extended family whom I love very much and enjoy spending time with.

Which non-profit is closest to your heart? Girls on the Run Chicago.  This is an after school program for girls in 3rd-8th grade which provides girls with skills for a lifetime of self-respect and healthy living.  Girls learn life skills including conflict resolution, leadership, and nutrition while also training for a 5K.  I am currently the President of the Governing Board and have loved being a part of a dedicated team working toward providing this wonderful program to as many girls in the Chicago area as possible.  We currently serve 10,000 girls.  To hear the girls talk about the impact of the program is amazing — one girl’s father called it, “life changing,” for his daughter and his family.   To watch the girls cross the finish line with a running buddy (girls with their brothers is the greatest) always brings tears to my eyes.  I am so grateful for Julia for supporting GOTRC as part of our Chicago trunk show.

Name a woman you admire – past, present or future and why? I have the good fortune to have several young women in my life — all of my nieces.   Each one of them has individual characteristics which I admire greatly — smart, creative, motivated, enthusiastic and soulful.     Collectively, they have the greatest spirit.  I am so proud of their accomplishments and the young woman they are.  I enjoy each and every moment we have together laughing, sharing, dancing and yes…sometimes crying.

What is your favorite piece of Fall 2015 from Julia Farr Collection? The K Street suit has great lines and gorgeous fabric.  It will be a staple for so many things on my schedule for the fall and winter (which lasts until April in Chicago!)

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