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You Look Pretty is a resource and forum for the woman who wants a well-edited, chic and affordable wardrobe that reflects her unique personality and sense of style.  We provide our perspective on current trends, balanced by a focus on classic, enduring fashions. 

Fashion is fun, especially when it’s a shared, creative experience among friends, and celebrated with a glass of wine (or two).  We have lots of fashionable friends, old and new, and we want to hear from you.  Tells us what you think about current trends, share your best fashion ideas and your favorite designers, and let us know what you think looks pretty.

4 responses to “About You Look Pretty

  1. MaryJoyce Colwell

    CONGRATULATIONS!! I always loved that purple Laura Ashley dress!!

  2. Christine Waage

    looking forward to more posts….i haven’t a clue what i wore to that dance but i know what i wore to the november 1985 homecoming and boy was it 80s!!

  3. Mary Beth

    In 1986, my sisters (all 5 from ages 24-10) wore a FLORAL Laura Ashely dress almost exactly like these. I alughed out loud when I read your comments. I thought they were timeless dresses that my sisters could wear the rest of their lives. I even topped their head with a big straw hat. I cannot wait to see all the rest of you fashion ideas past and present. Congrats on such a great blog!

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