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Meet Maureen Hartigan



Name: Maureen Hartigan

City: Chicago, IL

Family: Husband John,  Son Joe (we are all Hoyas)

Meditation or yoga? Yoga

Mountains or Ocean? Ocean

Team Sport or Individual? Individual for me but a Georgetown basketball fanatic — so team!!

Coffee or Tea? Both!!

Dog or Cat? Always a dog.  We have the most loving, sweet mixed breed dog named Harts whom we adore.

Why did you decide to start your own business and become a wardrobe consultant for Julia Farr Collection?  I decided to become a wardrobe consultant for Julia Farr because I believe in Julia.  Her fashion sense, philosophies and spirit drew me in.  Meeting Julia was serendipitous as we were brought together by a mutual friend who is one of my most favorite persons in the world.   This opportunity came at a good time.  I am an empty-nester who has been looking for a new adventure.   I am so excited to be a part of launching this beautiful collection for an even more beautiful person

Describe your personal style – neutral like Julia or brights like Ann? I am drawn to neutrals.  I always look for pieces that flatter and are made with beautiful, high-quality fabrics.   My daily summer uniform is a dress and winter is skinny jeans with boots.  I always choose a dress for meetings, dinner and events.  I love a high heel and a great handbag.

What is your favorite piece of clothing EVER? The dress I wore to my 50th birthday party.  I was dropping my sister off at her building and ran into a friend who also lived in the building.  She invited me to meet her friend Elda, a dress designer, who also had a boutique in the building.  The first dress I tried on was it.  Pale, pale green sheath with a black overlay.  It is beautiful and made me feel great on a very special night.  I was so happy to wear Elda’s design, she is a lovely woman.   I’m not sure I’ll ever wear the 6″heels I paired with it, but they are super fun and I actually kept them on all night!

When you’re not thinking about fashion, you’re… Fitness is very important to me, not just for its physical benefits but for the friendships I have made through running and training groups.  These women have brought me hours of great conversation and support.   Yes, exercise is a form of therapy!

I also LOVE to cook, especially for my 19-year old son who loves to stay home just to eat a home cooked meal.

Writing is also a passion as I am finishing a final edit of a novel.  Getting pretty close!  It’s also a great way to get on paper what I am thinking or sharing kind words with people I care about.

Family…family…family…I have a large extended family whom I love very much and enjoy spending time with.

Which non-profit is closest to your heart? Girls on the Run Chicago.  This is an after school program for girls in 3rd-8th grade which provides girls with skills for a lifetime of self-respect and healthy living.  Girls learn life skills including conflict resolution, leadership, and nutrition while also training for a 5K.  I am currently the President of the Governing Board and have loved being a part of a dedicated team working toward providing this wonderful program to as many girls in the Chicago area as possible.  We currently serve 10,000 girls.  To hear the girls talk about the impact of the program is amazing — one girl’s father called it, “life changing,” for his daughter and his family.   To watch the girls cross the finish line with a running buddy (girls with their brothers is the greatest) always brings tears to my eyes.  I am so grateful for Julia for supporting GOTRC as part of our Chicago trunk show.

Name a woman you admire – past, present or future and why? I have the good fortune to have several young women in my life — all of my nieces.   Each one of them has individual characteristics which I admire greatly — smart, creative, motivated, enthusiastic and soulful.     Collectively, they have the greatest spirit.  I am so proud of their accomplishments and the young woman they are.  I enjoy each and every moment we have together laughing, sharing, dancing and yes…sometimes crying.

What is your favorite piece of Fall 2015 from Julia Farr Collection? The K Street suit has great lines and gorgeous fabric.  It will be a staple for so many things on my schedule for the fall and winter (which lasts until April in Chicago!)

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Meet Kathleen Ellis



Name: Kathleen Ellis

City: Kansas City

Family: My amazing husband, Brewster

Meditation or yoga? Meditation

Mountains or Ocean? Both

Team Sport or Individual? I love all sports, especially at the college level

Coffee or Tea? Wine…then coffee

Dog or Cat? Dogs would be my first choice

Why did you decide to start your own business and become a wardrobe consultant for Julia Farr Collection? Coming from a corporate background, I’ve seen plenty of women, of all ages, struggle to find work appropriate clothing that is well made and a part of a wardrobe they can build on through the seasons. The Julie Farr Collection offers both  – allowing the professional women to dress with confidence. I especially was attracted to their desire to give back to others by donating a portion of sales proceeds to a charity. That’s what it’s all about!

Describe your personal style – neutral like Julia or brights like Ann? Brights!

What is your favorite piece of clothing EVER? Cashmere sweaters

When you’re not thinking about fashion, you’re… trying to figure out golf. I also want to learn how to play mah jong and bridge.

Name a person you admire – past, present or future and why? I admire any woman that follows her passion. Also, my husband – he is my hero!

What is your favorite piece of Fall 2015 from Julia Farr Collection? The Dumbarton Dress


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Meet Mimi Brault

On June 1, Julia Farr Collection unveiled a new direction for our company –  recruiting and empowering women around the country to start their own business selling Julia Farr Collection in their city.

Two months later, we are thrilled to announce the launch of our Fall 2015 Collection with our brand new wardrobe consultants. Last week, we kicked off shows in two cities – Wilmette, IL and Kansas City, MO.

We thought it would be fun for all of our You Look Pretty readers to meet our new team, since we think they are an incredible group of women! Every one of them has an impressive professional background – in finance, public relations, and, yes, fashion – and all of them bring a fresh perspective, sense of fun and incredible energy to our company.

So, without further ado, meet Mimi Brault


Name: Mimi Brault

City: Wilmette, IL

Family: Husband: Jim. Three boys: Charlie, 23, Jeb 21, Will 18

Meditation or yoga? Yoga

Mountains or Ocean? Both- I love the outdoors.

Team Sport or Individual? Both! I love tennis and golf.

Coffee or Tea? Tea

Dog or Cat? Dog

Why did you decide to start your own business and become a wardrobe consultant for Julia Farr Collection? Julia and I have been life-long friends. I have watched her grow her business and wanted to join the fun!

Describe your personal style – neutral like Julia or brights like Ann? Brights like Ann.

What is your favorite piece of clothing EVER? A LBD from Donna Karan.

When you’re not thinking about fashion, you’re… thinking about food! I love to cook.

Which non-profit is closest to your heart? Josephinum Academy in Chicago. The newest member of the Sacred Heart network, Josephinum educates girls from all over the city to be the best they can be.

Name a woman you admire – past, present or future and why? My grandmother, Margaret Clopton Donahue. She endured a lot of heartache in her life but she never lost her sense of humor or her style.

What is your favorite piece of Fall 2015 from Julia Farr Collection? The Dupont Jacket – great lines and beautiful fabric.


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Chase Mission Main Street Grant



Julia and I have applied for a Chase Mission Main Street grant to propel our small business, Julia Farr  Collection, to the next level of success. This $100,000 grant would allow us to expand our sales team and create our direct sales program, but we need your help!

Please visit Mission Main Street Grants to cast a vote for our business. We need 250 votes to be eligible, and we already are up to 165! We have until June 19 to reach our goal, but voting is open now, so please case your vote today!

It’s easy to cast your vote, but you do have to have a Facebook account to do so.  And, if you are feeling really generous, feel free to post the link to your Facebook page and ask your friends to vote for us too!

Julia and I are committed to enhancing the lives of females professionals by providing them with elegant, polished and appropriate attire for the workplace.  We are proud that our current list of clients includes so many women who are making a difference in the world – women in the White House, the State Department and the media. Through our direct sales program, we will empower other women to create their own home-based business and become entrepreneurs themselves.

We are an entirely women-owned and operated business in an industry where women make up less than 20% of leadership positions. In an era when 98% of apparel worn by Americans is made abroad, we are proud that all of our designs are made in the USA.

We are so grateful for the ongoing support of all of our You Look Pretty readers and we thank you in advance for helping us reach another goal!

Ann and Julia


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Julia Farr Collection is Hiring!


I wanted to share with our readers our big news today!

We are excited to announce that Julia Farr Collection has launched a direct sales program with our Fall 2015 Collection. We are expanding on the tremendous success we have had at our flagship boutique in Washington, DC and at our national trunk shows by engaging wardrobe consultants across the country who are uniquely tapped into their city’s dynamic networks of professional women.

The Collection focuses its designs to serve the polished, professional woman. Since its inception in 2012, Julia Farr Collection designs have been worn by the Second Lady of the United States, CNN anchors, counsel and staffers in the White House and the State Department, Chiefs of Staff to the First and Second Ladies of the United States, General Counsels and CFOs of Fortune 500 companies and leaders of both for-profit and non-profit companies throughout the United States.

We are actively seeking wardrobe and sales consultants who will bring the Collection directly to the professional woman by meeting her in the places where she spends much of her precious time: the office, professional clubs, industry networking events or by private appointment. Consultants will show the Collection twice annually for Fall and Spring collections, advise clients on best fit and selection of pieces and deliver the Collection to her client’s office door.

Julia Farr Collection is an entirely women-owned and operated business. All our designs are made in the USA. We are committed to helping those in need and a portion of sales are donated to women’s and children’s charities.

In you are interesting in building your own business and consulting with the most powerful women in the United States to build their wardrobes with the Julia Farr Collection, please contact me at

Ann — the emails, texts and calls have been coming in all day. Stay tuned for our kick-off Fall 2015 trunk shows in a city near you!


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THE Dress


I loved hearing about your trip to Italy. What an amazing experience to share with your son. And, I was very impressed with the loot you were able to find in only five minutes – that takes real skill!

While you were gone, I received a wonderful email from one our best, and nicest, clients – a partner at a very prestigious law firm where we held a trunk show last year. She forwarded me an email thread that had gone on between her and two other high-powered partners about our Occidental Dress.  All three women bought the dress, knowing that the others had it as well, but they loved it too much to care.


(I blacked out their names to maintain their privacy):ylpOccidental


How cool is that?



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We’re Back

We’ve been gone from here for a while…the good news is we are back and recommitted to staying in touch with you all through You Look Pretty.

The better news is that we have been away from the blog because we have been so busy with Julia Farr and Julia Farr Collection. Writing the blog takes quite a bit of time and forethought, and, sadly, when the “to do” list fills up, the blog tends to fall to the bottom of it. But no more.

Here is what we’ve been up to:

We traveled all over the country for trunk shows this past winter and spring introducing the Collection to a wonderful groups of women along the way.

IMG_1713 IMG_1711 CarrieTrunkShow2015 AtlantaTrunkShowSara2 AtlantaTrunkShowSara2 (2) AtlantaTrunkShowSara1 AtlantaTrunkShowKatherine1


We love meeting new people in new cities, and reconnecting with old friends. Our trunk shows are always a fun, social way to meet and connect with women and tell our story.

We also attended some stellar Georgetown events, like the Georgetown Global Summit in New York,


where we heard from a panel of seasoned fashion executives: Domenico de Sole, Chairman of Tom Ford International, Fabrizio Freda, CEO of Estée Lauder Companies, John Idol, CEO of Michael Kors, Ermenegildo Zegna, CEO of Ermenegildo Zegna Group and our good friend and classmate Kara Ross, CEO of Kara Ross New York.


Kara, Julie and Ann

It was an incredible opportunity to hear what these talented, experienced and bright fashion industry leaders had to share about the future of global luxury retail.

Julie and I were thrilled to be a part of Georgetown’s OWN IT Summit – a one day program produced entirely by Georgetown undergraduates  in which over 40 panelist are invited to talk with the college-aged attendees about women’s leadership (more about this later).


There were also fashion shows

DaffodilsDiamonds2015 DaffodilsDiamonds DaffodilDiamondsModels DaffodilsDiamondsAnnJulie

and photos shoots



Don’t worry, we made sure to make time for some fun too


Sailing along the coast of Southern California

It has been an exciting winter and spring and we have a few more surprises up our sleeve, programs that we will roll out here first for all of our You Look Pretty readers.

We are so grateful for this community and for your support as we grow our small business. It has been a great ride so far and we are excited about the future of our company!

We wish everyone a peaceful and joyous holiday weekend!

Ann and Julie



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