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Under Where?


Wow – that was quite a week last week – Birthdays, Best ofs, Chase grants. It was so much fun to share all of those great experiences with you! And, now, from the sublime to the ridiculous.

Granny panties are in. Big underpants. Like the kind Bridget Jones wore on her first “date” with Daniel.


And, it’s not old ladies like us who are embracing the trend. It’s the young ones – Millenials and Gen Y –  who are eschewing the thong and embracing full-bottomed underwear.


Thongs are on the way out – sales of thongs decreased 7% last year – to which I say: Hallelujah!

As you know, I’ve always hated thongs. I think they are a special kind of torture. Many women love them – including you – and have tried to convince me they are the most comfortable thing in the world to wear. One year for my birthday, one of my dear friends gave me several pairs of Hanky Panky thongs, insisting that I had only tried on bad thongs.


“These are so comfortable, you won’t even know you have them on,” she said.

Yeah, right. I wouldn’t know that I had a string in my derriere? I made it about 20 minutes wearing one of them then took them off and stuffed them in the back of my drawer.

And still, the thong believers persisted in trying to convert me.

“You just have to get used to them,” said my sister.

One night I tried. Tyler and I were having a dinner party in our home. I put on my thong and made it through the cocktail hour before I had to go up and tear it off. It took several glasses of wine to restore my good mood.

Don’t get me wrong. I adore beautiful lingerie and I think there are plenty of options that are pretty and cover all the important parts, like these lace bikini underwear from Chantelle.




with plenty of coverage for my bottom!


So, while I do like a bit of coverage, I don’t need the full-blown granny pants, that come up to my navel and are baggy around back.

It’ll be an interesting trend to watch – are the  big panties a fashion statement or a social backlash to our hyper sexualized Victoria’s Secret world of lingerie?feministunderwear



P.S. for all those who wear thongs to avoid panty lines, I’ve seen plenty of thongs showing up underneath your white pants. My solution to avoid panty lines is to avoid panties all together and go commando.

Images: Bridget Jones Diary, Ten Undies, Hanky Panky, Chantelle, Me and You


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