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No, Hozier is not a new type of pantyhose. It’s the stage name of Grammy nominated Irish singer-songwriter Andrew Hozier Byrne (and the name of my new music crush).


You are probably familiar with his most popular song, Take Me to Church, which received acclaim not only for the song but for the accompanying video which is a dramatic portrayal of a brutal organized attack against LGBT youth and a provocative comment on homophobia. It’s particularly interesting to watch in light of the recent referendum in Ireland legalizing gay marriage.


I like the song, but there are several others that I love more. Click on the links below to sample a few of his other stellar songs:

From Eden (my favorite song)

Someone New (Not crazy about the video but I dare you not to get hooked on the refrain)

Jackie and Wilson (blues-y goodness)


This man is a true poet – influenced by the Catholic Church, James Joyce and the blues. His lyrics touch on deeply human issues like love, longing, traditionalism, religion, depression.


Tyler and I had the chance to catch Hozier this past winter. He was playing in a small venue about an hour from our house, it was a sub-zero, Monday night in February and it was tough to find the energy to venture out to the show, but we are so glad we did. He was an amazing performer, and one of the coolest things was his band:


Not only were they accomplished musicians, but more than half of them were women. Nice to see on a rock stage.

What does all of this have to do with fashion? Not much, except Hozier was featured in the June issue of Vogue (photos shown above). I didn’t pay much attention to the bohemian chic modeled by Caroline Tretini – she paled in comparison to that tall Irish drink of water. Sigh.

IMG_2255 (1)



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