Our Story

Julie and Ann

Julie and Ann

We have been friends since our college days at Georgetown University. Throughout our 25 year friendship, we have shopped together, shared clothes with one another and witnessed trends come and go, and come back again (stretch pants, anyone?). Although we have two distinctive personalities and body types, we always agree on what looks pretty.

Fashion Experience

Ann: I began my foray into fashion at the tender age of 16, as a sales person at the Polo Ralph Lauren Shop. After college, I worked in Ralph Lauren’s corporate offices in New York.  I was a development professional and freelance writer before becoming the CEO of the Julia Farr Collection in 2012.

Julie: Summers in high school working in little clothing stores in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware gave me some retail experience. Then in 2004, while working part-time with a trial attorney when my children were very young, I sold the Worth Collection, an in-home trunk show featuring both a contemporary and couture collection. This was the turning point for me. After 17 years practicing corporate securities law, I decided to pursue a life-long passion and dream. In July, 2010, I opened Julia Farr, LLC, a women’s clothing boutique and wardrobe consultation business in Washington, DC. I love working with women to find the perfect pieces for their wardrobe, accentuating their best features. This one-on-one consultation is now the cornerstone of my business at Julia Farr.

Personal style:

Ann: I love color and wear it with abandon. I have a split personality. I love to get dressed up and go out for a big night on the town, but I also love to ski, camp and hike, all of which means that I spend a lot of time in fleece as well as in heels. I’m a chronic over-dresser, and usually feel more comfortable in a dress or skirt, rather than pants. I adore clothing and accessories that carry a personal meaning. Whether it’s wearing my grandmother’s amethyst necklace, carrying one of my mother’s handbags or wrapping myself up in a scarf that I bought while travelling through India, I like clothing that tells a story.

Julie: Maybe it’s my height: 5’9″ before practicing yoga, now 5’9 1/2″! — my deep set eyes — or ever-changing light brown hair, but I have found a home in neutrals. I often dress in a “column of color” (camel, ivory, white, black, grey) and accent with another neutral tone or add a splash of color…but not too much! My shoes and big statement jewelry are my expressive pieces and the way I change my look day-to-day.

Fashion icons:

Ann: My favorite designers are (at the moment-I’m a Gemini, so I change my mind often) Valentino, Etro, Ralph Lauren, and, of course, Julia Farr Collection. My deepest fashion desire is to one day own a fabulous Pucci shift dress, preferably vintage.

Julie: I’m drawn to minimalist designers like Jil Sander and Michael Kors. I love Ralph Lauren black label. Newer designers — Jane Oh and Robin Brouillette — design gorgeous, timeless pieces that often have no season.

When we’re not thinking about fashion:

Ann: We are a sporty family. Both my son and my husband are avid hockey players (but don’t call me a hockey mom!), and our daughter is a graceful diver and avid soccer fan. I prefer to practice yoga, bike and ski. I’m a reluctant runner, and do so just to exercise our golden retriever, Bode. Travel is one of my greatest passions. I’ve had the opportunity to travel throughout the world with my family and I treasure the memories of those adventures. I love to spend time at our home away from home in Vail, Colorado, either skiing down the mountain with our two children in the wintertime, or hiking up it in the summertime.

Julie: If I’m not at my boutique reveling in the newest arrival or outfitting a client, I’m with my three children (two girls, one boy), walking our mini golden doodle –Teddy, volunteering at Georgetown for its Alumni Association (Hoya Saxa!), buying in New York, at a hot yoga class, or with my toes in the sand in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, where my entire family gathers every summer. But if I’m really lucky, I’m somewhere in the world having a glass of wine and talking fashion with my dearest friend, Ann.

5 responses to “Our Story

  1. AT, why vintage Pucci, as opposed to current Pucci?

  2. anonymous

    Vintage is always better. It’s the original not a reproduction.

  3. Trudie Goldberg and Margaret Juhnke

    Being Irish I am looking forward to wearing emerald green. We will include this in our festivites.. Especially our up coming birthday parties.
    Margaret and Trudie

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