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Wow – that was quite a week last week – Birthdays, Best ofs, Chase grants. It was so much fun to share all of those great experiences with you! And, now, from the sublime to the ridiculous.

Granny panties are in. Big underpants. Like the kind Bridget Jones wore on her first “date” with Daniel.


And, it’s not old ladies like us who are embracing the trend. It’s the young ones – Millenials and Gen Y –  who are eschewing the thong and embracing full-bottomed underwear.


Thongs are on the way out – sales of thongs decreased 7% last year – to which I say: Hallelujah!

As you know, I’ve always hated thongs. I think they are a special kind of torture. Many women love them – including you – and have tried to convince me they are the most comfortable thing in the world to wear. One year for my birthday, one of my dear friends gave me several pairs of Hanky Panky thongs, insisting that I had only tried on bad thongs.


“These are so comfortable, you won’t even know you have them on,” she said.

Yeah, right. I wouldn’t know that I had a string in my derriere? I made it about 20 minutes wearing one of them then took them off and stuffed them in the back of my drawer.

And still, the thong believers persisted in trying to convert me.

“You just have to get used to them,” said my sister.

One night I tried. Tyler and I were having a dinner party in our home. I put on my thong and made it through the cocktail hour before I had to go up and tear it off. It took several glasses of wine to restore my good mood.

Don’t get me wrong. I adore beautiful lingerie and I think there are plenty of options that are pretty and cover all the important parts, like these lace bikini underwear from Chantelle.




with plenty of coverage for my bottom!


So, while I do like a bit of coverage, I don’t need the full-blown granny pants, that come up to my navel and are baggy around back.

It’ll be an interesting trend to watch – are the  big panties a fashion statement or a social backlash to our hyper sexualized Victoria’s Secret world of lingerie?feministunderwear



P.S. for all those who wear thongs to avoid panty lines, I’ve seen plenty of thongs showing up underneath your white pants. My solution to avoid panty lines is to avoid panties all together and go commando.

Images: Bridget Jones Diary, Ten Undies, Hanky Panky, Chantelle, Me and You


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Best of Washington!

July 2015 Cover of Washingtonian Magazine's Annual Best of Washington Issue

July 2015 Cover of Washingtonian Magazine’s Annual Best of Washington Issue

Happy Birthday, Ann!!!

I have magnificent news to share on your big day — my beloved small business Julia Farr boutique won the reader’s choice for Best Place for Women’s Clothes in DC in Washingtonian Magazine’s Annual Best of Washington issue!BOW

YES, I am happy, thrilled, delighted, overjoyed, grateful and overwhelmed with the news!  You know this July 21st marks 5 years in business and you have been there through it all. You and Tyler built the first website, you drafted all the copy for each page of it, you and I designed that first Healy Skirt, you have scoured textile markets around the US for the perfect fabric for our collection, then jumped off the cliff with me in creating the Julia Farr Collection in 2012– but the most important moment in all of this, Ann, was when you sat at the bar at Cafe Milano with me in the Fall of 2009 and over a glass of wine asked me to tell you all about my idea for a business that I wanted to create.  And as I spoke, describing to you the dream for the boutique and a private collection someday, you didn’t shake your head and laugh — as at the time I had a good job with a great company and three children to raise — you nodded and said, “what a great idea, I’d love to help you.” Thank you for believing in me and standing by me everyday. I know the next 5 years building our business will be even more fantastic!

For this glorious news today, being recognized by Washingtonians in Washingtonian Magazine is an amazingly meaningful moment for me and I thank all our supporters, friends, followers, clients, and readers for the support and loyalty. Without all of you, I would not be able to live my dream.

Enjoy your birthday, Ann – I’ll be raising a glass to you!

XOXO, Julie

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“From Ingenue to Icon: 70 Years of Fashion from the collection of Marjorie Merriweather Post”

Portrait of the Post heiress Marjorie Merriweather Post

Portrait of the Post heiress Marjorie Merriweather Post, Frank O. Salisbury, New York City, 1934


I’ve been meaning to tell you about the fabulous annual gala at Hillwood Estate two weeks ago celebrating the opening of the exhibition “Ingenue to Icon” displaying the remarkable wardrobe of Post (cereal) heiress, Marjorie Merriweather Post.   I co-chaired the evening event with two wonderful Washingtonians, Betsy Scott Kleeblatt and Joseph Perta, held in the beautiful gardens of Post’s estate in Northwest DC. Although it rained on and off throughout the evening, the weather couldn’t dampen the festive crowd of about 350 attendees, where women wore anything from full length gowns to tulle enhanced cocktail length dresses and men were handsomely dressed in their black tie.

Wearing a custom Gregg Pellegrini dress, I'm with my co-chair Joe Perta, and Hillwood Executive Director , Kate Markert

Wearing a custom Gregg Pellegrini dress, I’m with my co-chair Joe Perta, and Hillwood Executive Director, Kate Markert

Co-chair Betsy Scott Kleeblatt in her fabulous fascinator

Co-chair Betsy Scott Kleeblatt in her fabulous fascinator


Even the flowers dressed up!


Gala-goer Katie Tierney Blando very pretty in pink!

MMP's granddaughter, Ellen McNeille Charles with Togo West

MMP’s granddaughter, Ellen McNeille Charles with Togo West

Our fun table under the beautiful tent

Our fun table under the beautiful tent

We toasted Post’s grand style showcased in her Spring and Summer collection from the late 19th to mid-20th century.  “Throughout her life, Marjorie treated her clothing in much the same manner as her art collection,” said Hillwood’s associate curator of textiles and curator of the exhibition, Howard Kurtz. “She knew that her clothing represented not just her own style, but a record of women’s fashion.”  It was most apparent in her wardrobe choices that Post had a great appreciation for the richness of fabrics, expert tailoring, and elegant design.  In one of our first planning meetings for the gala, I asked if we could have a sneak preview of some of the designs in the exhibit.  To my surprise, we went straight to a closet off a gorgeous bedroom at Hillwood and got to see up close (not touch) some of Post’s gowns and cocktail dresses.  They were all well-constructed in beautiful fabrics, most either ornately embellished at top or bottom hem.  I remarked then that her dresses were designed in a way that both balanced and enhanced her figure: broad shouldered and full bust with slim hips.  You have to see the exhibit when you come to DC next, Ann, but here’s a taste of what is in on display.

Evening Dress by Callot Soeurs, Paris ca. 1907

Evening Dress by Callot Soeurs, Paris ca. 1907


Oldric Royce, Inc. Dinner Dress, New York City, ca. 1960


Evening Ensemble, New York City, ca. 1927


Evening Dress, American, 1934.


Reception Dress, Bergdorf Goodman, 1904.

Her Fall and Winter wardrobe will go in display in October, so you and I must go twice to see it all!

— Julie

Photos courtesy of Tony Powell, Renee Comet of Hillwood Estate, Musuem &Gardens, Carol Joynt for New York Social Diary

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No, Hozier is not a new type of pantyhose. It’s the stage name of Grammy nominated Irish singer-songwriter Andrew Hozier Byrne (and the name of my new music crush).


You are probably familiar with his most popular song, Take Me to Church, which received acclaim not only for the song but for the accompanying video which is a dramatic portrayal of a brutal organized attack against LGBT youth and a provocative comment on homophobia. It’s particularly interesting to watch in light of the recent referendum in Ireland legalizing gay marriage.


I like the song, but there are several others that I love more. Click on the links below to sample a few of his other stellar songs:

From Eden (my favorite song)

Someone New (Not crazy about the video but I dare you not to get hooked on the refrain)

Jackie and Wilson (blues-y goodness)


This man is a true poet – influenced by the Catholic Church, James Joyce and the blues. His lyrics touch on deeply human issues like love, longing, traditionalism, religion, depression.


Tyler and I had the chance to catch Hozier this past winter. He was playing in a small venue about an hour from our house, it was a sub-zero, Monday night in February and it was tough to find the energy to venture out to the show, but we are so glad we did. He was an amazing performer, and one of the coolest things was his band:


Not only were they accomplished musicians, but more than half of them were women. Nice to see on a rock stage.

What does all of this have to do with fashion? Not much, except Hozier was featured in the June issue of Vogue (photos shown above). I didn’t pay much attention to the bohemian chic modeled by Caroline Tretini – she paled in comparison to that tall Irish drink of water. Sigh.

IMG_2255 (1)



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Chase Mission Main Street Grant



Julia and I have applied for a Chase Mission Main Street grant to propel our small business, Julia Farr  Collection, to the next level of success. This $100,000 grant would allow us to expand our sales team and create our direct sales program, but we need your help!

Please visit Mission Main Street Grants to cast a vote for our business. We need 250 votes to be eligible, and we already are up to 165! We have until June 19 to reach our goal, but voting is open now, so please case your vote today!

It’s easy to cast your vote, but you do have to have a Facebook account to do so.  And, if you are feeling really generous, feel free to post the link to your Facebook page and ask your friends to vote for us too!

Julia and I are committed to enhancing the lives of females professionals by providing them with elegant, polished and appropriate attire for the workplace.  We are proud that our current list of clients includes so many women who are making a difference in the world – women in the White House, the State Department and the media. Through our direct sales program, we will empower other women to create their own home-based business and become entrepreneurs themselves.

We are an entirely women-owned and operated business in an industry where women make up less than 20% of leadership positions. In an era when 98% of apparel worn by Americans is made abroad, we are proud that all of our designs are made in the USA.

We are so grateful for the ongoing support of all of our You Look Pretty readers and we thank you in advance for helping us reach another goal!

Ann and Julia


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Julia Farr Collection is Hiring!


I wanted to share with our readers our big news today!

We are excited to announce that Julia Farr Collection has launched a direct sales program with our Fall 2015 Collection. We are expanding on the tremendous success we have had at our flagship boutique in Washington, DC and at our national trunk shows by engaging wardrobe consultants across the country who are uniquely tapped into their city’s dynamic networks of professional women.

The Collection focuses its designs to serve the polished, professional woman. Since its inception in 2012, Julia Farr Collection designs have been worn by the Second Lady of the United States, CNN anchors, counsel and staffers in the White House and the State Department, Chiefs of Staff to the First and Second Ladies of the United States, General Counsels and CFOs of Fortune 500 companies and leaders of both for-profit and non-profit companies throughout the United States.

We are actively seeking wardrobe and sales consultants who will bring the Collection directly to the professional woman by meeting her in the places where she spends much of her precious time: the office, professional clubs, industry networking events or by private appointment. Consultants will show the Collection twice annually for Fall and Spring collections, advise clients on best fit and selection of pieces and deliver the Collection to her client’s office door.

Julia Farr Collection is an entirely women-owned and operated business. All our designs are made in the USA. We are committed to helping those in need and a portion of sales are donated to women’s and children’s charities.

In you are interesting in building your own business and consulting with the most powerful women in the United States to build their wardrobes with the Julia Farr Collection, please contact me at julia@juliafarrdc.com.

Ann — the emails, texts and calls have been coming in all day. Stay tuned for our kick-off Fall 2015 trunk shows in a city near you!


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THE Dress


I loved hearing about your trip to Italy. What an amazing experience to share with your son. And, I was very impressed with the loot you were able to find in only five minutes – that takes real skill!

While you were gone, I received a wonderful email from one our best, and nicest, clients – a partner at a very prestigious law firm where we held a trunk show last year. She forwarded me an email thread that had gone on between her and two other high-powered partners about our Occidental Dress.  All three women bought the dress, knowing that the others had it as well, but they loved it too much to care.


(I blacked out their names to maintain their privacy):ylpOccidental


How cool is that?



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